BMC SAS keeps the seniors in motion even at the time of the corona

The epidemic of the Covid-19 disease brings several challenges. These include the movement restriction which can have a far-reaching consequences, especially (but not only) for older people. The Centre for Physical Activity of the Biomedical Research Center of the SAS, which implements training programs for seniors and patients within the framework of its research, therefore prepared, during the time of the crisis of coronavirus pandemic, online training within the scope of its research. They are carried out under the guidance of professional trainers, and anyone can participate. The aim is to motivate people to exercise regularly in indoor conditions.

“There is evidence that already a two-week restriction of movement activity leads to the objectively measurable decrease of physical ability, loss of muscle mass, and worsening of metabolism even in young, healthy people. Sedentary people with lower physical ability have, besides the higher risk of the whole spectrum of chronic disease, also higher risk of infections.  Reduction of the outlay of energy in connection with the decrease of physical activity leads to an increase of body mass and risk of obesity,” said doc. MUDr. Barbara Ukropcová, PhD., from the Biomedical Research Center of the SAS.

On the contrary, regular, moderately intense physical activity, adequate to physical ability, is the prevention of muscle mass loss, a decrease of ability, it prevents from worsening of metabolism and increase of weight, and stimulates immune functions. Physical ability and strong immunity are extremely important in times of the pandemic, mainly for elderly people.

“Therefore, we invite everyone who wants to bring more movement into their lives, to do some exercise with the trainer live from the comfort and safety of their homes. The training takes place every day at exactly specified times. After the exercise, the audience can briefly discuss their questions with the trainer,” specified doc. Ukropcová.

The exercise is available online on the Facebook page of the Biomedical Research Center of the Slovak Academy of Sciences (under sect. Videos and Subscriptions). Dates of training are published on the website of the Centre for Physical Activity BMC SAS (pdf)


photo: BMC SAS
translated by: SAS