International projects

International projects

logo isidore

Program: HORIZON
Name of the project: 
Integrated Services for Infectious Disease Outbreak Research
Project acronym: ISIDORe
Duration of the project: 1. 2. 2022 – 31. 1. 2025
Project website: LINK

The consortium of ISIDORe project, HORIZON Research and Innovation Action supported under the call – HORIZON-INFRA-2021-EMERGENCY-02 (Grant agreement ID 101046133), is made of the capacities of European ESFRI infrastructures and coordinated networks that assembles the largest and most diverse research and service-providing instrument to study infectious diseases in Europe, with expertise from structural biology to clinical trials.

By giving scientists access to the whole extent of its state-of-the-art facilities, cutting-edge services, advanced equipment and expertise, in an integrated way and with a common goal, it will accelerate the generation of new knowledge and intervention tools to enhance Europe’s capacity for controlling emerging and epidemic infectious diseases, starting with the COVID-19 pandemic.

logo Alliance4life

Program: H2020
Name of the project: 
Alliance for Life Sciences: From Strategies to Actions in Central and Eastern Europe
Project acronym: A4L_ACTIONS
Duration of the project: 1. 5. 2021 – 30. 4. 2024
Project website: LINK

A4L_ACTIONS project, H2020 Coordination and support action supported under the call – H2020-SC1-2020-Single-Stage-RTD (Grant agreement ID 964997), is a continuation of the H2020 Alliance4Life project that was implemented during 2018-2019. Alliance4Life is a bottom-up initiative of twelve leading life science institutions from eleven EU-13 countries that aims at closing the divide in European health research and innovation (R&I). The project aims to tackle the health R&I gap by improving the culture, governance, recognition and innovation potential of these institutions. This will help increase their attractiveness and pave the way for collaborations with advanced European countries.

The project focuses among others on raising the institutional profiles of Alliance4Life´s members to attract and retain international talents and to provide the right operational framework conditions including improved research management. Alliance4Life intends to become a role model for institutions in less performing regions and to serve as a hub of excellence through close collaboration with renowned European networks established in high performing countries.

logo EEA and Norway grants

Program: EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Regional Cooperation
Name of the project: 
TBFVnet: surveillance and research on tick-borne flaviviruses
Project acronym: TBFV
Duration of the project: 1. 7. 2020 – 31. 1. 2024
Project website: LINK

TBFVnet, supported under EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Regional Cooperation (Grant agreement ID 2018-1-0659), identifies tick-borne flaviviruses (TBFVs) as a research, health and social priority requiring a multidisciplinary and cross-border approach. TBFVnet aims at creating a network of associated laboratories at two levels: as core alliance between partners willing to share common tools and protocols; and, subsequently, to transfer best practices to neighboring countries.

A joint research platform to investigate the biology and pathogenesis of TBFV disease and to study novel antivirals and prophylactic immunity complements the action. This will lead to develop new tools and procedures to increase prevention and treatment capacities. The integration of research and surveillance will create an international alliance to tackle TBFVs.

logo vaccelerate

Program: H2020
Name of the project: 
VACCELERATE – European Corona Vaccine Trial Accelerator Platform
Project acronym: VACCELERATE
Duration of the project: 28. 1. 2021 – 27. 1. 2024
Project website: LINK

VACCELERATE project, H2020 Research and Innovation action supported under the call – H2020-IBA-SC1-CORONAVIRUS-2020-4 (Grant agreement ID 101037867), is a clinical research network for the coordination and conduct of COVID-19 vaccine trials comprised of academic institutions from all over Europe. The overall objective of VACCELERATE is to connect all European stakeholders involved in vaccine development to provide a pan-European platform for clinical trial design and conduct.

VACCELERATE offers expertise, services, resources and solutions to speed up existing and upcoming development programmes as well as market authorisations for new vaccines and vaccination strategies. The network serves as a single entry-point for all stakeholders in COVID-19 vaccine development (pharma, academia, European Commission, EMA, ECDC, national health authorities and others) for phase 2 and 3 trials in Europe.

logo EVAg

Program: H2020
Name of the project: 
European Virus Archive GLOBAL
Project acronym: EVA-GLOBAL
Duration of the project: 1. 1. 2020 – 31. 12. 2023
Project website: LINK

EVA-GLOBAL project, H2020 Research and Innovation action supported under the call – H2020-INFRAIA-2019-1 (Grant agreement ID 871029), gathers 38 academic institutions at the forefront of human, animal and plant research in Virology, associated with key Non-Governmental Organisations including WHO and OIE. This project is built on the strong foundations constituted by two previous EVA (2009-2014), FP7 and EVAg (2014-2019), H2020 projects. This unique advanced international community aims at becoming the most responsive network to improve the control of emerging or re-emerging virus outbreaks at the global level.

EVA-GLOBAL is conceived to be an open access entity aiming at developing synergies and complementary capabilities in such a way to offer an improved access to the researchers. Through this new ambitious project, EVA-GLOBAL will become the largest virtual virus collection for human, animal and plant viruses.

logo Marie Curie Action

Program: H2020
Name of the project: 
Tick-Virus Interactions Shape persistence and Transmission OF Flavivirus pathogen in tick vector
Project acronym: TVISTOFF
Duration of the project: 1. 9. 2021 – 31. 8. 2023
Project website: LINK

TVISTOFF project, H2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action supported under the call – H2020-MSCA-IF-2020 (Grant agreement ID 101030179), aims to investigate the role of molecular factors in TBEV virulence and the impact of tick neurosecretory compounds on the adaptation and transmission of the virus. The interdisciplinary approach includes the development of innovative fluorescently labelled TBEV mutants, the implementation of a host-free tick feeding system using an artificial membrane, and the characterisation of tick neuroendocrine system components. The obtained results and novel tools will provide a research foundation for other diseases associated with tick-borne viruses.

logo projektu VISION

Program: H2020
Name of the project: 
Strategies to strengthen scientific excellence and innoVation capacIty for early diagnoSIs of gastrOintestinal caNcers
Project acronym: VISION
Duration of the project: 1. 10. 2019 – 30. 6. 2023
Project website: LINK

The main objective of VISION project, H2020 Coordination and support action supported under the call – H2020-WIDESPREAD-2018-03 (Grant agreement ID 857381), is to strengthen excellence and innovation capacity of BMC SAS by creation of a strategic partnership with four internationally-recognized institutions, Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft zur Foerderung der Angewandten Forschung e.V. (FhG), Ramón y Cajal University Hospital Health Research Institute represented by Servicio Madrileno de Salud, (SERMAS), Ethniko Kai Kapodistriako Panepistimio Athinon (NKUA), and Norsk Institutt for Luftforskning Stiftelse (NILU). This cooperation will allow the transfer of knowledge and research ideas, sharing of know-how, expertise and best practices, together with the implementation of cutting edge technologies, that will contribute to the enhancement of high-quality translational cancer research in Slovakia, particularly gastrointestinal cancer.

Close cooperation with these partners will enhance the credibility, competitiveness and recognition of BMC SAS and will contribute to overcome existing gaps in oncology research and reinforce the capacity for early diagnostics and innovative treatment approaches.


Program: HORIZON
Name of the project: 
A Coordination and Support Action to prepare platform
Project acronym:
Duration of the project: 1. 9. 2022 – 30. 11. 2023
Project website: LINK project, HORIZON Coordination and support action supported under the call – HORIZON-MISS-2021-UNCAN-01 (Grant agreement ID 101069496), will generate a strategic agenda to launch, a European initiative to UNderstand CANcer proposed by the Mission Board and the European Beating Cancer Plan. This research agenda will be built with the final aim of achieving a new breakthrough in cancer prevention and treatment that will contribute to saving European citizens’ lives and help ensuring an optimal quality of life to disease survivors.

Within the initiative reliable, high-quality cancer research data will be shared and this information will be used by relevant players in Europe and beyond to address urgent and essential scientific and medical challenges in cancer prevention, early diagnosis, treatment and survivorship. These challenges will be tackled through various research programmes.


ProgramName of the projectProject acronymDuration of the projectProject website
ERA-NETResistance under treatment in breast cancerRESCUER1. 8. 2020 – 31. 5. 2024LINK
COSTDeterminants of Physical Activities in SettingsDE-PASS22. 7. 2020 – 21. 4. 2024LINK
ERA-NETTEmprature-responsive Nanogels for TArgeted delivery of miCroRNAs in wound heaLing and tissue rEgeneration applicationSTENTACLES1. 2. 2020 – 31. 1. 2024LINK
ERA-NETUNveiling the MEchanism(s) underlying the switch to mania during antidepressant treatment: The role of glutamateUNMET1. 7. 2019 – 31. 1. 2024LINK
IAEAMolecular Markers for Biological Dosimetry in Radiation Oncology, Cancer Risk, Assesment and Optimizing Cancer Therapy19. 9. 2017 – 9. 7. 2023LINK
ERA-NETMetabolic therapy of heart failure: which role for B vitaminsHF-MetaB1. 4. 2020 – 31. 3. 2023LINK
ERA-NETEstablishing an algorithm for the early diagnosis and follow-up of patients with pancreatic neuroendocrine tumorsNExT1. 9. 2019 – 31. 3. 2023LINK
COSTAedes Invasive MosquitoesAIM29. 1. 2020 – 5. 3. 2023LINK
COSTCancer Nanomedicine – from the bench to the bedsideNANO2CLINIC28. 9. 2018 – 27. 9. 2022LINK
COSTNew diagnostic and therapeutic tools against multidrug resistant tumorsSTRATAGEM11. 9. 2018 – 10. 9. 2022LINK
3rd Health ProgrammeInnovative Partnership for Action Against Cancer – iPAACiPAAC1. 4. 2018 – 31. 12. 2021LINK
COSTIn vitro 3-D total cell guidance and fitnessCellFit16. 3. 2017 – 15. 9. 2021LINK
ERA-NETInnovative Nanopharmaceuticals: Targeting Breast Cancer Stem Cells by a Novel Combination of Epigenetic and Anticancer Drugs with Gene TherapyINNOCENT1. 1. 2017 – 30. 6. 2021LINK
COSTDrosophila salivary gland secretory proteins as tunable and biodegradable natural glueENBA1. 1. 2017 – 20. 4. 2021LINK
COSTMitochondrial mapping: Evolution - Age - Gender - Lifestyle - EnvironmentMITO-EAGLE1. 1. 2017 – 28. 2. 2021LINK
COSTThe Comet assay as a human biomonitoring toolhCOMET1. 4. 2016 – 11. 10. 2020LINK
ERA-NETMultiple myeloma intra-clonal heterogeneity: evolution and implications of targeted therapyintraMMclo1. 7. 2016 – 31. 7. 2020LINK
H2020European virus archive goes globalEVAg1. 4. 2015 – 31. 7. 2020LINK
H2020Life Science Alliance: Closing Research and Innovation Divide in the EUAlliance4Life1. 1. 2018 – 31. 12. 2019LINK
H2020High level Integrated Sensor for Nano Toxicity ScreeningHISENTS1. 4. 2016 – 31. 3. 2019LINK
COSTApplication of next generation sequencing for the study and diagnosis of plant viral diseases in agricultureFA14079. 3. 2015 – 8. 3. 2019LINK
FP7Clinical Development of Nitisinone for AlkaptonuriaDevelopAKUre1. 11. 2012 – 31. 1. 2019LINK
FP7Anti-tick Vaccines to Prevent Tick-borne Diseases in EuropeANTIDotE1. 12. 2013 – 30. 11. 2018LINK
ERA-NETMEchanisms of Lymphocytes TRansmigration Across the Blood Brain BarrierMELTRA – BBB1. 8. 2015 – 31. 7. 2018LINKA
ERA-NETDevelopment of galectin-based therapeutics for the treatment of hantaviral hemorrhagic feverGalhant1. 1. 2016 – 31. 12. 2017LINK
COSTAldosterone and Mineralocorticoid ReceptorADMIRE23. 11. 2016 – 30. 11. 2017LINK
H2020Building-up Centre of Excellence for advanced materials applicationCEMEA1. 6. 2015 – 31. 5. 2016LINK
COSTSustainable production of high-quality cherries for the European marketFA110415. 4. 2013 – 15. 4. 2016