Laboratory of Developmental Genetics

Research Topic

The Laboratory of Developmental Genetics is dealing with hormonal control of postembryonic morphogenesis in Drosophila melanogaster, notably its metamorphosis and associated signaling pathways using molecular and genetic tools, so uniquely available in this species. Two recent achievements of the laboratory can be highlighted. (1) The atomistic model of juvenile hormone (JH) receptor (JHR), we originally described in 2009 was further elaborated in detail and results were recenlty published. (2) Discovery of an apocrine secretion in the late prepupal salivary glands of Drosophila is completely novel and was purely unexpected. Since its first presentation by Purkinje in 1883 and description by Schiefferdecker in 1917 there were no data about any mechanistic aspects of apocrine secretion that would allow.

Research Team


RNDr. Robert Farkaš, CSc.

Head of Laboratory

+421 2 3229 5235


Mgr. Milan Beňo, PhD.

Mgr. Denisa Beňová-Liszeková, PhD.

Mgr. Ludmila Trusinová, PhD.

Mgr. Lucia Mentelová, PhD., external


Alexandra Straková


Magda Bardačová

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