Seminar Speaker Series – Dr. Eva Pereiro (25. 03. 2021)

Lecture by Dr. Eva Pereiro from ALBA Synchrotron, Spain, entitled „Locating specific structures or molecules in cells by correlative cryo 3D X-ray imaging“ from the CAPSID Seminar Speaker Series, will take place on 25 March 2021 at 2 p.m. via online broadcasting via the ZOOM application.


Cryo soft X-ray tomography (SXT) of whole hydrated cells in the water window energy range can provide relevant structural information of complex cellular phenomena with chemical sensitivity at spatial resolutions of 30 nm half pitch [1]. Functional studies can be achieved by correlating this information with cryo visible light fluorescence microscopy in 2D or 3D [2, 3, 4], as well as with 3D cryo hard X-ray fluorescence to localize and quantify specific molecules [5]. In addition, spectroscopic imaging can also be used to understand biomineralization processes [6]. Examples of 3D correlative cryo X-ray imaging research will be presented.


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Funding programme of the CAPSID project: Interreg V-A Slovakia-Austria