The 4th call of the Grant Programme for SAS PhD students

logo Doktogrant Granty pre doktorandov SAV

Slovak Academy of Sciences announces today – June 2, 2022 – the 4th call of the Grant Programme for SAS PhD students (DoktoGrant). The call for grant applications is published on the SAS website and on the programme website.

The Grant programme for SAS PhD students (DoktoGrant) is the SAS activity with intend to support scientific projects for students of a daily form PhD study carried out within SAS organizations. The aim is to financially support high-quality project proposals, which will be implemented during PhD studies as a coherent part of projects and which can be realized within one year. Within 3rd call, there were 36 grant applicants supported from 20 SAS institutes.

The deadline for submitting grant applications within the 4th call of the programme is 31 August 2022.

More information on the programme, where to register and apply for a grant, can be found on the programme website.


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