Weekend with SAS – Slovak Academy of Sciences

In our booth at the Primate’s Square in Bratislava during the 2nd year of the popularizing event entitled “Weekend with SAS”, held on 21 and 22 June 2019, it cracked in the seams.


The seniors were interested in measuring fat on Friday, and the children were building a DNA model from gelatin sweets the other day on Saturday.


“Although the SAS participates in almost every major popularization event, we want to have our own event where we are the main and only player and we can fully introduce our work and its importance to society,” said RNDr. Ales Kucera, CSC. At this year’s festival, 24 SAS institutes of all three departments of the Academy were represented – eight more compared to last year’s “start” year.

Many thanks to our colleagues from the Department of Molecular Oncology and from the Department of Metabolic Disorders Research – obesity, who in their free time readily answered dozens of questions from children, but also from adults and thus represented the Biomedical Research Center of the Slovak Academy of Sciences.