Department of Virus Ecology

Research Topic

We live in the era of global changes which dramatically enhance spread of viruses. Climate changes leading to changes in the distribution of several reservoir hosts and vectors, intensive deforestation, massive increase of air transportation, open markets or increased migration of humans and goods are factors causing that we face new viruses, encounter viruses in new geographical regions or experience increased virus transmissions leading to epidemics.

It is therefore urgently needed to study relationships of viruses with their environment and their hosts and try to understand the mechanisms behind their circulation in nature, transmission as well as crossing of the species barriers which may lead to emergence of new diseases or new epidemics. And these are the field of interests of our department. Because our department was recently re-formed through fusion of several, previously independent teams, we cover these areas on a broad spectrum of medically and economically important viruses and on several specific topics:

Rodent-borne viruses

  • molecular evolution and epidemiology of hantaviruses and arenaviruses
  • molecular and cellular mechanisms of hantavirus and arenavirus overcoming of the species barriers

Tick-borne viruses

  • mechanisms of the tick-borne encephalitis virus non-viraemic transmission
  • development of anti-tick vaccines preventing transmission of the tick-borne pathogens


  • development and clinical validation of diagnostic tests
  • molecular epidemiology and new variants monitoring based on nanopore technology-based whole genome sequencing
  • immune response to SARS-CoV-2 infection and development of clinically relevant virological tests

Influenza viruses

  • role of conserved viral antigens in the antiviral immunity: HA2 glycopolypeptide, PB1-F2 and M2 proteins
  • induction of heterosubtype immunity by using HA2 gp and M2 protein ectodomain (M2e) antigens for vaccination purposes
  • analysis of the primary viral and secondary bacterial infection synergic effects

Plant viruses

  • development of effective and innovative molecular diagnostic methods for specific detection of plant viral pathogens in economically important crops (grapevine, fruit trees, fruit vegetables, oil bearing plants)
  • virus diversity studies with the aim to identify molecular factor and evolutionary changes increasing virulence
  • studies on specific virus/plant interactions on molecular and proteomic level

European Virus Archive

Department of Virus Ecology is a proud partner of the European infrastructural project “European Virus Archive goes global”. Its mission is to support virological research not only through continuous virus discovery, isolation, characterization and storage but particularly through provision of the viruses and derivative products to partners from academia, public health and industry. For more information on the project, please, visit:

Application outputs

Research Team

RNDr. Boris Klempa, DrSc.

Head of Department

02/ 59302 465


ORCID:; Web of Science ResearcherID: J-8876-2012; Scopus Author ID: 6507897636


Ing. Miroslav Glasa, DrSc., group leader; ORCID:; Web of Science ResearcherID: AAC-3814-2019

RNDr. Eva Varečková, DrSc.; ORCID:


RNDr. Viktória Čabanová, PhD.; ORCID:

RNDr. Sabína Fumačová Havlíková, PhD.; ORCID:; Web of Science ResearcherID: CUF-9435-2022

RNDr. Juraj Koči, PhD.; ORCID:; Scopus Author ID: 9734419900; Web of Science ResearcherID: C-3754-2014

RNDr. František Kostolanský, CSc., group leader

RNDr. Martina Ličková, PhD.; ORCID:; Web of Science ResearcherID: ABC-1387-2020; Scopus Author ID: 6507935048

Mgr. Katarína Polčicová, PhD.; Web of ScienceID: FPT-9346-2022; Scopus Author ID: 8731086700

RNDr. Monika Sláviková, PhD.; ORCID:

RNDr. Zdeno Šubr, CSs.; ORCID:; Web of Science ResearcherID: ABA-2307-2021

Ing. Jana Tomášková, PhD., deputy head of department, group leader; ORCID:; Web of Science ResearcherID:W-4825-2019



Mgr. Kristína Boršová, PhD.; ORCID:; Web of Science ResearcherID: AAA-9088-2022

RNDr. Katarína Briestenská, PhD.; ORCID:

RNDr. Lucia Jakubcová, PhD.

Liudmyla Leibenko, PhD.

Mgr. Lukáš Predajňa, PhD.; ORCID:; Web of Science ResearcherID: AAL-5425-2021

RNDr. Nina Sihelská, PhD.

RNDr. Karolína Tomčíková, PhD.


Mgr. Eva Nováková

RNDr. Ingrid Ovečková


Zuzana Chabroňová

Radovan Kohányi

Margita Mišovičová

Marta Siebenstichová


Mgr. Adam Achs; ORCID:; Web of Science ResearcherID: GOE-4330-2022

Mgr. Peter Alaxin (cooperation with UCM Trnava); ORCID:

Mgr. Ádam Kevély

Mgr. Miriam Mikušová; ORCID:

Mgr. Božena Omasta

Mgr. Jana Tomašechová (cooperation with UCM Trnava)

Ing. Veronika Vaňová

International projects:

European Virus Archive GLOBAL

Duration: 1. 1. 2020 – 31. 12. 2023

Program: Horizont 2020

PI: RNDr. Klempa Boris, DrSc.

Aedes Invasive Mosquitoes

Duration: 29. 1. 2020 – 5. 9. 2022

Program: COST

PI: RNDr. Čabanová Viktória, PhD.

TBFVnet: surveillance and research on tick-borne flaviviruses

Duration: 1. 7. 2020 – 31. 1. 2024

Program: EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Regional Cooperation

PI: RNDr. Klempa Boris, DrSc.

Tick-Virus Interactions Shape persistence and Transmission OF Flavivirus pathogen in tick vector

Duration: 1. 9. 2021 – 30. 8. 2023

Program: Horizont 2020-MSCA-IF

PI: RNDr. Koči Juraj, PhD.

National projects:

Modern “omics” approaches as effective tools for identification and characterization of leguminous viral pathogens

Duration:  1. 7. 2021 – 30. 6. 2025

Program: APVV

PI: Ing. Glasa Miroslav, DrSc.

Functional analysis and production of bioactive subsatnces in insects and ticks

Duration: 1. 7. 2019 – 30. 6. 2023

Program: APVV

PI: RNDr. Koči Juraj, PhD.

Analysis of factors affecting a crop response to the potyvirus infection at the molecular and cellular level

Duration: 1. 7. 2019 – 30. 6. 2023

Program: APVV

PI: Ing. Glasa Miroslav, DrSc.

Prevention and mechanism of synergy of influenza and bacterial coinfection

Duration: 1. 8. 2018 – 30. 6. 2022

Program: APVV

PI: RNDr. Varečková Eva, DrSc.

Plant systems for transient expression of peptidic substances as a tool for preparation of anti-viral vaccines

Duration: 1. 1. 2022 – 31. 12. 2024

Program: VEGA

PI: RNDr. Šubr Zdeno, CSc.

The mechanism of action of virus-specific cross-reactive antibodies on dual infection with influenza virus and bacteria

Duration: 1. 1. 2021 – 31. 12. 2024

Program: VEGA

PI: RNDr. Tomčíková Karolína, PhD.

The ecology of the West Nile virus in the environment affected by global change

Duration: 1. 1. 2021 – 31. 12. 2024

Program: VEGA

PI: RNDr. Čabanová Viktória, PhD.

Analysis of the virome complexity and intra-species diversity from agricultural and wild plants in various agroecological contexts

Duration: 1. 1. 2020 – 31. 12. 2023

Program: VEGA

PI: Ing. Glasa Miroslav, DrSc.

Reprogramming of host cell metabolism induced by lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus infection

Duration: 1. 1. 2019 – 31. 12. 2022

Program: VEGA

PI: Ing. Tomášková Jana, PhD.

Virulence factors of tick-borne encephalitis virus and their role in transmission via tick vector

Duration: 1. 1. 2019 – 31. 12. 2022

Program: VEGA

PI: RNDr. Koči Juraj, PhD.

Antiviral therapy and vaccination as tools for lowering the course of influenza and bacterial co-infection

Duration: 1. 1. 2019 – 31. 12. 2022

Program: VEGA

PI: RNDr. Varečková Eva, DrSc.


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