Seminar Speaker Series – Dr. Florian Schur (28. 05. 2020)

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Lecture by Dr. Florian Schur from the Institute of Science and Technology, Austria, entitled “From Viruses to Cells. Toward high-resolution cellular structural biology using cryo-electron tomography” from the CAPSID Seminar Speaker Series, will take place on 28 May 2020 at 2 p.m. via online broadcasting via the ZOOM application.


Structural plasticity and movement play fundamental roles in life, from the level of whole organisms down to cells, viruses and individual molecules. The Schur group uses advanced cryo-electron microscopy and image processing methods to study the structure and function of protein complexes in situ, where they can adopt different conformations or are continuously remodeled. The Schur group focuses on the dynamic actin cytoskeleton, the key player in the ability of cells to move. Actinmediated cell migration is important in physiological events as embryonic development or wound healing, but deregulation of these processes leads to pathologies including tumor cell metastasis and pathogen infection. The team thus aims to understand the
underlying structural principles that control these complex mechanisms. In addition, they are studying complex and irregular viruses, including retroviruses and selected DNA-viruses, where the latter are also important model organisms to understand actinmediated pathogen propulsion. Viruses are useful tools for electron microscopy method development, but deciphering their structure is also crucial for understanding features of the viral lifecycle, as assembly and infection


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Funding programme of the CAPSID project: Interreg V-A Slovakia-Austria