Animal Facility for Immunodeficient Mice

Animal Facility for Immunodeficient Mice

Basic info on activities

The animal facility for immunodeficient mice, licence No. SK UCH 02022, is approved for breeding and reproduction (for the own usage) of immunodeficient mice including genetically engineered animals. Animals are kept in aseptic conditions. For this purpose, the facility is equipped with individually ventilated cages (IVC, NexGen Allentown), laminairs and changing stations.

Recently, the majority of experiments is performed on SCID/beige and NSG (NOD SCID gamma) mice. Breeding colonies of these severe immunodeficient strains are kept in the facility.

All projects are assessed by the institutional Ethics committee and approved by the National competence authority – State Veterinary and Food Agency. The facility is equipped for surgery on small rodents including inhalation anaesthesia (Isoflurane).

The facility is mostly used for cancer research. The immunodeficient status of animals enables the use of human tumour cells including cells derived from patient tissues (induction of subcutaneous or orthotopic patient-derived xenografts, PDX).

The facility is used not only by BMC researchers, it is open for cooperation with academic institutions and private companies.

Contact person / persons

RNDr. Miroslava Matúšková, PhD.: