Scientific discussion in SME daily

Two scientists with Ondrej Podstupek, deputy editor-in-chief of SME daily, discussed how it looks today in cancer research and how new medications and procedures are put into practice and how they changed their lives.

Miroslav Chovanec, the scientific director of the Institute of Experimental Oncology of the Biomedical Center of the SAS (in the photo on the right) and Štefan Korec, the Slovak oncologist (in the middle of the photo), returned to Slovakia with their experience. He said that overall mortality from malignant tumors is partly due to earlier seizures, partly due to improved treatment and improved diagnosis, lower than in the past. Miroslav Chovanec on the question of where cancer research will lead in the future noted that scientists currently want to address carriers in the form of nanoparticles that would specifically deliver the drug and possibly some process cell inhibitors that are essential to survive or respond to a drug. According to him, immunotherapy is the hottest trend in science. Both of them finally concluded the great importance of prevention, which they divided into the primary that must be done by each of us, that is, to improve the diet, and the secondary that the state must support in the screening programs. During the discussion, journal readers could ask their guests questions online.